Sunday, January 2, 2011

Card Personalization

I read on somebody's blog today (sorry, can't remember which one) about how they have had several personalized rubber stamps made to use when making cards in order to stamp the back of the card with "made by", etc. 

As I was making cards this past Christmas season, I was using a rubber stamp too, but it wasn't personalized, and I was trying to think of an easier way that I could put my signature on the back of the card and still have it look good.  I'm not that great a stamper (if you make a mistake, you're stuck, or you're taking more time to fix it)!  So this is what I came up with.

I printed these labels on a 4x6 piece of photo paper, then I ran them through my Xyron to make a sticker, and punched them out with a Fiskars punch (I think it's called "brick").  It's a small rectangle measuring only 1-1/4" x 5/8". 

For me, this is a quicker process and I don't really have to worry if the stamped image will come out evenly, etc.  I think it's a perfect size for putting on my A2 cards.  What do you think?

Sorry if these pictures appear blurry (or maybe it's my eyes), but not sure what's going on with my camera tonight (or should I say this morning).  If you click on the picture, it should enlarge it and look a little clearer.  I think I need to go to bed.  Thanks for looking!


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