Earlier Cards

I started making cards in March 2009, pre-Cricut of course.  These two St. Patrick Day cards were my very first cards.  Very simple; almost rudimentary!

Next holiday was Easter, so I made a few Easter cards.

These bunny cards have the caption "Some bunny loves you" inside the card.

Made this Mother's Day card for a very special aunt.

Then I made a simple Welcome Baby card.

Which morphed into customized cards that I was making for a woman at work for those new babies.

Tried my hand at a Halloween card - looking back, I'm not impressed with this one at all!

But I did make some Christmas cards in 2009 and sent them to immediate family.  They turned out okay.

Geez, that was a walk through time for me! With my Cricut, the possibilties are now endless.  I have only scratched the surface of what can be done with it.  Happy scrapping, and thanks for stopping by.  Comments are appreciated.

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