I made my first scrapbook in 2006 about our cats.  I bought a "kitty" scrapbook and really cute coordinating cat paper (with stickers) at Walmart.   And told my story with pictures.   We had one family cat at the time, that was getting up there in years, when we started feeding a starving stray cat that showed up in our yard.  She hung around outside for months before we let her into our screenporch, and officially "took her in."  Come to find out, she was pregnant with 5 kittens!  And yada yada yada, we now own 4 cats.  Here's the cover and some of the pages from my 8x8 scrapbook.

Following these pages, I made a 2-page layout on each of the three cats (all grown up), using pictures that really displayed their personalities.  It was a fun album to make, and for my first attempt, I was quite pleased with the end result.  Hope you enjoyed my story!

Another 8x8 scrapbook I made was called "Cousins."  It includes pictures of my daughter and her cousins (my brother's kids) growing up, from birth to graduation from high school.  I really like the 8x8 size album for scrapbooking--seems to be just the right size; not too small, not too big.  Here's a few layouts from that album.  I also included 2 pictures with her older cousins (my sister's kids) that were taken 16 years apart.  I tried to use many different scrapping techniques throughout this album.  Have a look.

I really enjoy sharing my work; hope you enjoyed taking a look.   Please let me know what you think.   Thanks for visiting.

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  1. i absolutely adore the kitty cat album - i made one for each of my cats last year and forgot all about it - i must find them and post it on my blog. thanks for sharing.


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