Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Blog Has Attitude Award

Well, what a nice surprise I got today--my first blog award from Karen at How cool is that!? Thanks so much, Karen, for thinking of me!! It's very much appreciated. Check out her blog; she's very creative and a very busy lady! Now, for receiving this award, I need to state 3 things that make me different from everyone else (ha!), and nominate 5 other bloggers to receive the "My Blog has Attitude Award."

Three things that make me different:
1. I own 4 cats, down from having 5.
2. I'm a night owl; check out some of the times of my postings!
3. I actually like brussel sprouts.

I've only had this blog since early December, and I was very excited when I got comments on my first posting, so I'd like to pass on the "My Blog has Attitude Award" to these 5 ladies for their early interest in my blog. It's really fun to learn and share with everyone.

1. Cindy at
2. Paula at
3. Jordan at
4. Amanda at
5. Elaine at

Now it's your turn to pass the award on (doing the same thing I've done here). You should also display the Blog Award Badge in your sidebar (you can copy and paste it and link it back to me). Congratulations to all of you!!


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  2. WoW! Thanks Pat for my very first blog award. I'll be sure to pass it along (if I can figure out how - haha).
    Cindy :)

  3. Pat thatnks for the award!!! I really appreciate it!

  4. Pat,
    Thank you very much for my very first award!
    As soon as I decide who I want to give it too, I will post it.

    Thanks again, how thoughtful of you:)

  5. You're welcome, Elaine. Have fun with it!

  6. Hi there Pat, congrats on the award! Thank you for visiting my blog and all of your nice comments :) They sure do mean a lot to me :) JR seems to be feeling a bit better today (thank goodness!), and so far the husband and I are still good (knock on wood).
    For this book I did use the deep cut blade, but I didn't even try to cut it with my regular blade. It's just a little bit thicker then cardstock, so the regular blade set at 6 might work. When I get some more of it I will try and get back to you. This was not my first time using the design studio, but I, like you, got it as a Christmas present (just a little early) so I'm still figuring it all out myself, but so far, it's pretty easy and I like it :) And matching the paper to the chipboard was easy peasy because I just saved each page on the DS and re-cut it with the patterened paper. The only negative I can say about it is that in order to update my cartridge list I had to uninstall the whole program then reinstall it (which took about 10 minutes, 15 at most). I did use my ATG gun for most of the adhering, but my zyg two way glue pen for the smaller embellishments inside. I hope this answers all of your questions and that you are having a great day :)

  7. Just became a new follower..Would Love it if you decided to follow my blog...
    I think you are doing Great with your blog.

  8. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for the very nice comment on my blog! I really appreciate your support, you are very sweet!
    ps I like Brussels sprouts too

  9. Thank you for the award! What a nice surprise for me when I got home from Disney. You are so sweet!


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