Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who Felt the Earthquake on the East Coast?

It was felt from Richmond, VA up to Massachusetts is what I heard on the news.  I work north of Baltimore, MD, on the 4th floor of a 4-story building.  At first, I thought it was workers on the roof, but it got more intense and kept going (only seconds I'm sure), but scary enough that we all evacuated the building, wondering what in the world just happened.  Someone turned on their car radio and we started getting the reports that it measured 5.9 and was centered some 90 miles south of Washington, DC.  What a weird feeling!  I have never experienced anything like that before.  Legs are still a bit shakey, but I'm slowly returning to work (after I finish this post)!


  1. I felt it here in Lnacaster, PA... Same experience - seemed to last for a LONG time, but was really only 10-15 seconds. I feel like I have "sea-legs" still :) Glad you are ok!

  2. Ugh! I just heard about it on the news. I'm in Seattle. We had a horrible one about 10 years ago, so I feel for you guys. Glad you're okay!!

    Amy E.

  3. So glad to hear that you are okay!

  4. Glad you're OK. We actually felt tremors from it all the way down here in SC.

  5. I live near Charlottesville, VA - only about 20 miles from the epicenter of the quake. I thought there was someone on the roof at first too, then we ended up under our desks. So glad it was today and not tomorrow when our students return to school.

  6. OMG!! Earthquake I hope no one got hurt! It can be very scary, as you know here in California Earthquakes are very common:) I was just stopping to say HI:) Love your Girls Night Out mini:)

  7. Thanks to you all for your responses and kind concerns. Yes everything is okay, but now we have Hurricane Irene coming up the coast!!

  8. I am glad to hear your okay..scary I'm sure! Our prayers are with all of you now that you have to deal with the hurricane. Stay safe!
    Sherrie K


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