Sunday, February 3, 2013

Go Ravens!!

I'm so excited that my hometown team is playing in the SuperBowl today, so I just have to show my pride and support. Can't wait for the game later today!

But better than that, my darling daughter is in New Orleans and will be going to the game today with her boyfriend and his Uncle.  How lucky is she!?!!  She can't say enough about the awesome city she's visiting and how exciting it is to be there.  Here's a few photos.

  Go out with another ring, Ray!

And of course, all around Baltimore, people were showing their purple pride on Friday at work.  Here's the folks at my office that wore their purple on Friday.  

I'm #82, the purple jersey.

GO RAVENS!!!!!!!


  1. How exciting for your daughter!! What an amazing experience!! We don't have a team in the game here this year, but there is a connection...the coach of my alma mater (IU) is married to the Harbaugh's sister!! Happy Sunday and enjoy the game :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Your daughter must be so excited. Love the pictures!! I am a Redskins fan, but since they're not playing today (so sad LOL), I'm rooting for Ravens. Baltimore is right around the corner from where we live. Have fun!


  3. OMG! how exciting!! I can't wait for the game either and all the other stuff such commercials etc... I just wanted to stop by and say hello my friend!!! Enjoy the Super Bowl!!! I'm going for the 49ers hee her:) May the best team win:)

    Big Hugs,

  4. Is that your daughter with Natty Bo? Well they won my friend! I got a little worried when the power shut off...hum...strange...and SF suddenly had a fire lit under them. It was a good game!




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