Monday, December 10, 2012

One of those Days!

Ever have one of those days where things just don't turn out as you thought they would?!

I've been trying to get some Christmas cards made, and I was liking how this one was going.  I cut the  holly from Stretch Your Imagination (an oldie but a goodie).  This cut has a silhouette image which I outlined with Stickles, along with the berries.

I embossed the leaves with the Cuttlebug Houndstooth folder for some extra texture.

And I had this stamp that I thought went perfectly with the image, which I stamped with Forest Green ink.

It was looking pretty good, I thought, and I was rather happy with it.  So all I needed to do was finish the inside of the card.

Let's see, I should probably use green cardstock to match the front, with white cardstock on top and stamp a nice sentiment on that.

So, I opened the card, and this is what happened...

Oops, I attached it to the card upside down!  Guess I'll try again!


  1. Oh no!! I think we've all had days like that. I do like the image you chose and that sentiment is perfect.

  2. Hi Pat,
    Love your Christmas card!Loevly Sentiment & LOVE the pattern cardstock.I would cut in half & glue onto another white card..
    Have a wonderful Tuesday,

  3. Awww...bummer!! I do love the card front though...the sentiment and the colors and the great cuts and embossing.
    I agree with this front by attaching to another card base.

  4. Pat, I have one of those days, Every day!!! Love the card, and anyone that loves you, will love the card as is!! Merry Christmas!! Karen♥

  5. omg too funny I am so glad I am not the only one that does that....but on the plus side it's beautiful love the sparkle....

  6. I love the card. And like one of the other commenters stated, I would send it like it is. Maybe add a comical sentiment. I am sure you have someone special that would receive it and have a big smile on their face.

  7. A gorgeous sparkly Christmas card! You did a fabulous job on this Pat!
    I love it!
    Sherrie K

  8. Oh my! I think I have done that too. I cut the front off and glued it on another card base the correct way. I have done that to envelopes too when I add my strip of paper to match.

    Happy Holidays,
    Carson's Creations

  9. Hey Pat!!! What a great card!!! and I have to say, that I have made many cards that opened the wrong way,but I have become so tired of fixing them, that I now leave them like that, and it is just a quirky thing that I am now known for!! haha karen♥

  10. Super cute card- love he green- I have those days all the time - it is called the real world.
    I have made those kind of cards more times than I could say I just trim them off and glue them on another base-- and I have actually done it wrong the second time silly me. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Diana

  11. Very pretty card the embossing on the holy leaves. How funny...I have often attached things upside down!


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