Sunday, April 15, 2012

So Warm Out Today!

It was such a pretty day today.  My husband and I enjoyed our yard a good part of the day, and our friends of nature.  Since I haven't posted in a few days, I just had to share some photos with you.

This is one of many squirrels we have in our yard.  He just picked up a peanut my husband threw on the ground.  Notice how short his tail is!  This isn't our Henry.  He ran off after he got his peanut earlier.

My husband told me blue jays also like peanuts, so he threw a peanut down and there were 2 blue jays that would swoop down and grab it.  And they were so quick, it was hard to get a picture, but here's one of them.

And here's the other.

Here's 2 of our cats peering out the sliding glass door at us.  So...
we let them out to roam around the yard for a while.

This is Smokey, or more fondly known as "Smokedog"

This is Stripes.  Doesn't this photo look like it should be on a calendar!?  He was sitting in the garden between an azalea bush and a garden flag, and I caught him looking up!

And this is Calbert!  Sometimes we call him the "Beast."  He looks pretty beastly, doesn't he.

These are our 3 male cats.  We have one female who wasn't interested in coming outside.

Hope you liked my photos.  Thanks for stopping by and looking.

Special note to Sandee from the Hills of North Carolina.  How'd I do?

 She takes some great photos and I love seeing them.  Stop by and see for yourself!


  1. LOL, love the shout out! I got my first hummingbird of the season zoom by my head today, no picture, but am so glad they are here! That picture of Stripes is calendar worthy!! awesome! I am wondering why that squirrel has such a short tail...named him yet? Shorty? lol Your kitties look so cute by the door looking out! You did a great job with your photos!! :)

  2. Great pictures. I enjoy nature, especially when the birds are chirping first thing in the morning. My dog loves to chase squirrels, so it sure is a good thing this is only a photo.

    Can't wait to see more.
    Carson's Creations

  3. Great photos. We were outside enjoying the warm weather yesterday along with our boys and granddaughter. It was nice family time. We don't get that too often.

  4. Enjoyed your photos- all of our "kids" line up at the door all in a row and peer outside! :)Amy

  5. AMAZING pics!! Thank you for sharing them. It's cold and rainy here today, so it's really nice to see some sunshine, even if it's only on your blog!!

  6. Love the pix! I love the blue jays and the kitties. My cat stalks my bird feeder and I think the squirrels get more out of it than the birds! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    Cindy :)

  7. Hey Pat, it is like a little petting zoo at your house!! Great pictures, and thanks for sharing!! It was warm yesterday, but today is brutal here, it is 84 right now, at noon time!! I am NOT complaining, but you know, the summer clothes are still in storage, not out yet, ect. lol karen♥

  8. Pat,
    Your photos are great!
    Your cats are beautiful and the picture of stripes is fantastic!
    We use to have a cat, but he got sick. I have really been thinking of getting another one and seeing your pictures really makes me want one even more:)


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