Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow, More Awards!

I received 2 awards yesterday! I'm really enjoying this crafty bloggers' world.  Isn't this fun!!??

The first one came from Hilda at  Check out her blog; she makes neat stuff!!  Thank you Hilda, I really appreciate the recognition.

It''s called the Liebster Blog Award, and is given to people with talent you admire and whose work deserves gigantic praise.  So now I need to pass it on to 3 other bloggers.  Here are three very talented ladies that I follow:

1.  Norma at
2.  Jen at
3.  Georgiana at

Stop by their blogs, check out their projects, and show them some love.  And become a follower! 

The second award came from Lauren at   She's also a very talented blogger, so check out her site.  Thanks, Lauren, for the award.  When you receive a Stylish Blogger Award. you should:  1) thank and link back to the person who awarded it to you, 2) share 8 things about yourself, 3) pay it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered, and 4) contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.  

Here are 8 Things You Don't Know About Me:
1.  I'm pretty short; only 5'2".
2.  I have short, brown hair.
3.  I currently have 19 cartridges in my Cricut collection.
4.  I haven't used 3 of them at all yet!
5.  I love The Beatles music.
6.  My all-time favorite band is The Moody Blues.
7.  I saw them 8 times in concert between 1981 and 2000.
8.  I had my picture taken with them!

Here are 8 blogs that I've recently discovered and to whom I'd like to pay it forward with this award:

Now it's your turn to pay it forward.  Congrats and have fun with this!


  1. Thank you Pat! I have been extremely busy this week with getting my student's prepared and then the paperwork that goes along with that is never-ending! I truly appreciate you thinking of me. It puts a smile on my face especially after the week I have had. : ) I am looking forward to this weekend, so I can craft!

    Congratulations to you too!

  2. Thank you so much Pat for thinking of me and enjoying my blog. I appreciate this so much...This really means a lot. Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.. Keep up the great work that you do.

  3. Hi pat thank you so much for the Liebster Blog award!! I'm so honored that you have pick me and really appreciate it:) I will post as soon as i can:) Thank you so much again!!!

  4. Thank you Pat for including me in the awards! You are very sweet, I LOVE the picture of your kitty in her "office" cute!


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